Mickey Wright

" Making poetry accessible to everyone. " That's Mickeys motto. Poetry has dropped out of favor as an art form in recent years and Mickey's mission is to revive it by writing verse that is not only intricately layered and crafted to appeal to any literati, but is also easily readable and enjoyable by anyone of any level of literary experience.

"It doesn't matter what I intended a poem to say when I wrote it. What matters is what the poem speaks to the reader. Once someone reads a poem it is theirs."

Pr​ofessional skier, zookeeper, teacher, prison guard, ecologist, wildlife manager, life safety consultant, Mickey has had a lifetime of experiences that has built the inner world that he shares in his writing. This world comes to life and is populated by new ideas and new images that burst from the page.

Mickey has been writing since the age of 12 and brings a lifetime of literary skill to his works. An avid outdoorsman, he has spent much of his life roaming the planet's wild places as well as its towns and cities.  He brings the imagery, feeling and psyche of these places and the people that populate them to his poetry.

​Love, loss, pain and exultation are all part of his poems along with nature, beauty and the environment.

Come on in. Experience the universe in a new and unique way.
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