A Muse Sings A Swan Song

sneak peeks!
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Time has wrought runes
that my fingers lightly trace
upon your face
reading your story in Braille.
Cupping your chin
I learn from your eyes
you have become
world without end

©2017 Mickey Wright

When the long shadows come creeping out
and you find that
the cobwebs hid
more than spiders
then what is one to do?
Brooms for spiders
but the shadows
oh the shadows
brooms can’t sweep them away.
Cardboard won’t contain them.
Photos won’t drive them off.
Can I tuck them in the back of my mind
or will they just play there
leaving treacherous footprints?
Paths to follow.
And better not to stray.
Keep off the grass.
Beware the webs.
©2017 Mickey Wright

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Sunrise over the desert
Dry water colors 
On paintbrush sage
Owl peers from a saguaro hole
Watching the pack rat
Hide a bauble in its den
Not knowing how close 
It was
The sky

©2017 Mickey Wright